How to Use a Guitar Personalized Guitar Strap

If you’re new to playing the guitar, then it can take a while to get used to all the accessories that come with it. Do you really need a guitar strap, or can you play without one? And, how do you use the strap once you decide to go for one?

Why buy a guitar strap?

A guitar strap can make playing your guitar much more comfortable, particularly if you like to play standing up or are planning on busking or playing at things like open mic nights. It takes a lot of the strain off your wrists by supporting the guitar, which can be especially helpful when you’re still getting used to holding a guitar. This means you can completely relax and focus on your positioning and technique while playing.

Attaching the strap

Most guitars make it easy to attach a guitar strap as they feature two strap pins, one at each end of the guitar’s body. In this case, attaching your guitar strap is as simple as hooking the holes at each end of the strap around these two pins.

However, some acoustic guitars will feature only one strap pin, or none at all. If your guitar has one strap pin, then the solution is to tie the other end of the strap to the end of the neck, between the strings and the tuning keys. Just loop a string through the hole in the strap and tie it around the neck.

If your guitar doesn’t have any strap pins, then you can have them fitted by a qualified guitar technician or buy a guitar strap that is specifically designed for guitars without pins.

Adjusting the length

Adjusting the length of your guitar strap to suit your body and playing style is essential for making it comfortable to use. Most guitar straps are designed to be easily adjustable by the player. Like a belt or bag strap, they will usually have a buckle that lets you adjust the strap by pulling it to the desired length, as you can see with this leather May Strap.

To find the right position, the guitar should lie across your stomach as you’re standing up, and your forearm should rest comfortably on the body of the guitar. You may need to adjust the strap a few times to find a position that is perfect for you.

Even if you don’t play the guitar, guitar straps can be used for a variety of things, including as a strap to carry your purse or different kinds of bags comfortably. Check out the range of customizable, leather guitar straps we have in stock.