American-Made Leather Goods

Here at American Custom Leather, as the name suggests, we only sell leather goods that have been handmade in the USA. This might not make much of a difference in your decision on who to buy your leather goods from, but it should! In this blog, we’ll explore some of the benefits of buying local products made in the USA and why you should choose American-made.

Quality guaranteed

American-made products use quality materials to produce goods of an equally high quality. American leather is especially high quality and reliable. This means that you can always count on the leather goods that you buy from American Custom Leather, while products made abroad may be a lower quality.

Supporting local businesses

Local, American-grown businesses selling handmade American goods rely on sales from local customers. By buying from a local, American store you are helping them stay in business amidst competition from large, global e-commerce stores manufacturing their products in other countries.

Support the economy as a whole

As well as the specific American businesses you’re buying from benefitting from your purchases, choosing to buy American-made also helps the country’s economy on a wider scale. Buying American-made provides more jobs for the country and feeds into our economy, helping to make it stronger.

Reduced shipping needs

When you order online from an American store, the shipping needs are fairly local and small-scale. This means you’ll have to wait less time and spend less money on having your items delivered to you than if it was coming from China, for example.

When US-based businesses have their products manufactured in other countries, they still need to be shipped over to the US. This requires a lot of fuel to ship all the products across, so the reduced shipping needs of American-made goods also means less pollution and a lower carbon footprint from your purchase.

Support fair working conditions

Labor is often outsourced to less developed countries because it is cheaper, so companies can either benefit from the reduced costs themselves or pass the savings on to their customers. The factories where these goods are produced provide poor working conditions where employees have to work long hours for low pay.

So, with all these great reasons to buy American-made products, why wouldn’t you get your customized leather goods from American Custom Leather? Check out the range of products we have in stock on our website. We deliver American-made goods nationwide across the US.