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American Custom Leather July 16, 2018

Are Leather Belts Worth the Price?

Belts are the perfect accessory to top off almost any outfit, but they can be expensive when you’re looking at quality leather belts. Are they really worth the price you could be paying for them, or should you be looking at cheaper alternatives? Let’s take a look....
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American Custom Leather June 25, 2018

Guitar Strap vs. Banjo Strap

Guitars and banjos have a lot of similarities as far as musical instruments go, but they also have their differences. So, when it comes to browsing guitar straps and banjo straps, is there much of a difference? You might wonder if you can mix and match and use one for the other. Well, we’re here to ...
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American Custom Leather May 31, 2018

Leatherworker Vs. Tanner

Have you ever thought about how that leather belt or leather jacket you wear came to look the way it did? Many American leather products, including the ones sold by American Custom Leather, are completely handmade throughout the entire process. But, what does that process look like? ...
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American Custom Leather May 21, 2018

Leather Anniversary Gifts

If you ever struggle to think of what to get your partner on your wedding anniversary, then it can help to look at the “traditional gifts” assigned to each year. Paper is for a one-year anniversary, for example, and they get more special as they go on with crystal for 15th, ruby for 40th, and gold f...
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American Custom Leather April 30, 2018

Leather in Fashion

Whatever clothing shop you go into, there always seems to be some kind of leather, or faux leather, clothing for sale. But has this always been the case? When exactly did leather become so popular, and is it still trendy today? Let’s look at a brief history of the use of leather in fashion and where...
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American Custom Leather April 20, 2018

American-Made Leather Goods

Here at American Custom Leather, as the name suggests, we only sell leather goods that have been handmade in the USA. This might not make much of a difference in your decision on who to buy your leather goods from, but it should! In this blog, we’ll explore some of the benefits of buying local produ...
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American Custom Leather March 30, 2018

What to Consider When Buying Custom Leather Goods

With a number of different retailers offering custom leather goods online, it can be hard to know where to go for your next leather belt, guitar strap, or pet collar, for example. Beyond liking the style of the leather goods you want to buy, here are a few key things you should consider before you b...
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